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About Us
At Houston Wire Works, we have a dedication to customer service because we realize, YOU, the customer is what is our most important element.

Houston Wire Works, founded in 1961, manufacturers steel wire and tubular racks for the beverage industry. Starting from humble beginnings with only 400 square feet, today, Houston Wire Works includes over 65,000 square feet of manufacturing, office, and warehouse space. With operations worldwide, Houston Wire Works continues to grow and adjust to our ever changing environment.

Whether our customers are needing a Rack-n-Stack, the rack that put us in business; one of our popular Transport Racks; an excellent display and storage wine rack; or interested in a custom rack or other project we are here for YOU, the customer!

Know our logo. Know our name. Know the products and service that we bring. Here at Houston Wire Works our motto and promise to you is:

"Quality and price to earn your business. Service to keep it!"

Call us today and let us prove our promise to YOU.


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